The Appification of QuickBooks


Technology is changing the landscape of the Bookkeeping industry.  My goal is to use the combination of QuickBooks plus third-party applications that makes for the best and most streamlined accounting solution for my variety of clients here at FischBooks.

Rarely do our clients come to us with a full ecosystem set up.  It is usually up to us to investigate, get thoroughly trained on, and then customize the best set tools to fill our client’s needs. There is no single packaged solution to fit every client and we draw from a collection of six key apps: Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, TSheets, Telpay, Square and Teamwork.  Not only do our client’s business and industry needs differ, but they all have varying levels of Technology Quotient; their TQ.  We can have the “perfect” solution for a client’s business, but if it does not engage the client or easily fit within their workflow, it will not get used. And if it doesn’t get used, it is a waste of money, no matter the price point.

We are constantly testing new applications both for our clients’ use and for our own, and are willing to add more to our portfolio as long as they can save us and/or our clients time, and are easy to operate. I am actively looking for the ideal app for service-based businesses that will allow scheduling and prepayment of services, assigning appointments to staff with full customer history if required and of course job costing for this industry is a must.  I have found bits and pieces of each of these functions in separate apps, but no one solution that fits the bill.

The simplicity of TSheets is an example of how marketing to the Bookkeeper (as well as the Small Business) involves them directly in the success of the app.  It is not some mind-blowing function, it is time tracking. Not-so-plain, but simple. Any app that requires a level of training and certification, as TSheets does, is a positive for me as a trainer myself.  Those software companies understand the importance of us who recommend their product and how reliant the end user is on the Pro for initial setup and support, and are invested in their success as well.

Third party applications, or Apps, and the ecosystem they provide, are what take QuickBooks from a solid choice in accounting software, to a complete game-changer for small businesses and Bookkeepers alike.

If you love one of the apps I listed above, I’d love to hear why!  Or if your favourite app is missing from my list, tell me about it!  Email me at or check out my website


TSheets: A Client Story – Surprising benefits behind our favourite app


I have been a huge fan of TSheets for a while now, and a TSheets Pro since I knew the program existed.  The ease of integration with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online is unprecedented.  For my clients converting from Desktop to Online, it has remained their constant. The mobile functionality is remarkable (um, hello, GPS?!).  That initial sync where I show my clients THEIR customers, jobs, service items, all being pulled through directly into a time tracking program that is easy for their staff to use and their managers to, well, manage, is positively mind-blowing.  But I recently found some very surprising results with one client in particular.  She already loved saving hours of work per week not tracking down paper timesheets, not dealing with missing information, not tracking down managers to authorize the dirty and torn pieces of paper, and not entering them individually and manually into QuickBooks Desktop.  Based on the security settings she selected in TSheets, timesheets were no longer manipulated (they could never prove they weren’t) and hours were no longer stolen. But the benefits just didn’t stop there!

Staff were actually taking shorter lunch breaks! This particular client is in the construction industry.  These are hardworking guys, don’t get me wrong.  But this staff really enjoyed a long sit-down lunch at a nice restaurant close to the job site, and would indulge several times a week.  By being able to easily see how many hours were getting logged in a day through the mobile app, the crew were starting to realize that even 15-30 minutes a day waiting on menus or serving staff just wasn’t productive for anybody.  Most of all them.  Staff started finding quicker places to eat and adding that unproductive time back to a job, back on their payroll, and back in their pockets.  Some even began bringing lunches from home.

Staff were actually working longer hours! Besides taking shorter lunch breaks, staff who would regularly call it a day by around 3:30 or 4:00 were staying right until 5:00.  Even on Fridays! This client had been processing payroll by direct deposit for a while, but leaving early, especially at the end of the week, had become an unproductive habit.  The purpose of which, of course, was to get back to the office in time to pick up their paycheque, in time to take it to the bank to get cashed.  That purpose didn’t exist anymore, but the routine sure did. Once again, the mobile app prevailed and staff could quickly see that if they kept that up, they would be far below the 80 hours desired per pay.

The managers actually loved it! I have found that the trial period for TSheets is not only a test of wills with staff in some cases, but also with managers deeply set in their paper-tracking ways.  Who knew people loved their paper timesheets so much?! There has not been one client I have worked with that has not had at least some pushback from management staff regarding this “outrageous and futuristic technological marvel” called the mobile app.  But within a matter of a few days, they are quickly transformed and wonder what took them so long to make the switch.  One Health and Safety Manager found it saved him hours a day by only having to travel to worksites when required and not simply to do attendance. He could quickly tell which staff had logged in and ensured they were at the jobsites they were assigned using the GPS functionality.

If you don’t love TSheets, contact me to give you a personal guided tour and we can discuss why so many so many businesses are using TSheets and why so many Pros are recommending it.  If you do love TSheets, I encourage you to look a little deeper, past the boxes of archived paper timesheets, to discover just how much difference it is making to your bottom line.  Is your favourite TSheets perk not listed above?  I’d love you hear from you at Happy Time Tracking!

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