A person can learn a lot in a year.

I’ve learned I can plant a garden where things actually grow! Those closest to me know how truly amazing this is.

I’ve learned how much fun it is to find new ways and platforms to connect with my community.  This year was the addition of a podcast which has taught me idea-forming and speaking skills, even though my co-host is a total goofball.

I’ve learned I may be addicted to Nutella croissants. I can’t describe the devastation when I found out this was only a seasonal treat and not a permanent menu addition.

And most importantly, I’ve learned where my passion and energy lies.

I’m at my best as an ambassador for Bookkeepers and Accountants who are successfully building their businesses in the cloud. I get so energized when I can help them in any way, no matter how small, because I know what it’s like to be them; hustling to build a thriving business, creating awesome experiences for their clients, and trying to find some kind of balance to stay sane. (I’m still working on that last part.) Their excitement becomes my excitement, even if, or maybe especially if, they can learn from my mistakes to succeed.

This is what I’m truly passionate about.

Through an odd little turn of events, I have been offered the opportunity to spend my work life doing exactly that. In one way, it is a huge change with a steep learning curve of new software products.  However, in another way, it is the freedom to do exactly what I believe I am supposed to be doing – advocating for Bookkeepers and Accountants across Canada while partnering with other resources globally.

I am proud to announce that I have accepted the position of Accountants Group Leader – Canada for Sage. This role will have me connecting personally with Bookkeepers and Accountants in firms and businesses from coast to coast. I’ll also be speaking at events, hosting roundtables, working with Sage partners and more — all so I can help Sage build the features and products that Bookkeepers and Accountants need to serve their clients better than ever.

There will be a lot more learning to come and I welcome every bit of it. I’m excited about this next chapter and I look forward to meeting many of you across Canada soon.


“The most effective teachers are the ones who never stop learning.”