FischBooks answers: “HELP! I Messed up my Setup in QBO! Now What?!”

QuickBooks Online makes setting up a new company file incredibly easy.  You are walked through a step by step process and the file is built based on your answers.  But what if you answered something incorrectly or maybe the needs of your company have changed. There isn’t a menu option to get back to the setup and you can’t seem to find the settings you need to make those changes either. But you CAN access the setup again and make the necessary changes.  Here’s how:

Login to the company file requiring the change.

QBO Login

Make sure you are on the Home Page (Note: This also works for “Your Books”, the FREE QBO Plus Subscription that ProAdvisors get).

Home Page

At the top of the page you will see the address bar ends with /app/homepage.


Block “homepage” with your mouse and replace with “setup” by typing it right on top.


When you hit Enter, the Setup window appears.  Complete the three steps, making the appropriate changes as you go, then selecting Next for each screen. Click Done after the final step and voila! That setup you messed up that you thought you’d have to live with forever and ever is now fixed!

Setup Interview

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