The Appification of QuickBooks


Technology is changing the landscape of the Bookkeeping industry.  My goal is to use the combination of QuickBooks plus third-party applications that makes for the best and most streamlined accounting solution for my variety of clients here at FischBooks.

Rarely do our clients come to us with a full ecosystem set up.  It is usually up to us to investigate, get thoroughly trained on, and then customize the best set tools to fill our client’s needs. There is no single packaged solution to fit every client and we draw from a collection of six key apps: Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, TSheets, Telpay, Square and Teamwork.  Not only do our client’s business and industry needs differ, but they all have varying levels of Technology Quotient; their TQ.  We can have the “perfect” solution for a client’s business, but if it does not engage the client or easily fit within their workflow, it will not get used. And if it doesn’t get used, it is a waste of money, no matter the price point.

We are constantly testing new applications both for our clients’ use and for our own, and are willing to add more to our portfolio as long as they can save us and/or our clients time, and are easy to operate. I am actively looking for the ideal app for service-based businesses that will allow scheduling and prepayment of services, assigning appointments to staff with full customer history if required and of course job costing for this industry is a must.  I have found bits and pieces of each of these functions in separate apps, but no one solution that fits the bill.

The simplicity of TSheets is an example of how marketing to the Bookkeeper (as well as the Small Business) involves them directly in the success of the app.  It is not some mind-blowing function, it is time tracking. Not-so-plain, but simple. Any app that requires a level of training and certification, as TSheets does, is a positive for me as a trainer myself.  Those software companies understand the importance of us who recommend their product and how reliant the end user is on the Pro for initial setup and support, and are invested in their success as well.

Third party applications, or Apps, and the ecosystem they provide, are what take QuickBooks from a solid choice in accounting software, to a complete game-changer for small businesses and Bookkeepers alike.

If you love one of the apps I listed above, I’d love to hear why!  Or if your favourite app is missing from my list, tell me about it!  Email me at or check out my website


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